French Vanilla Protein Powder (1 lb)

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Eat clean. Live MIGHTY.

Packed with 20g clean protein per serving, Mighty Cricket French Vanilla Protein Powder blends smoothly into water or milk for a creamy vanilla experience. Each serving nourishes you with complete protein, omega 3s, fiber, and an abundance of vitamins and minerals with no added sugar.

Free of gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, and nuts, the only allergen associated with Mighty Cricket French Vanilla Protein Powder is a potential shellfish crustacean allergen from the chiton in the crickets.

Not only is Mighty Cricket French Vanilla Protein Powder great for you, it’s also great for the planet. Made with a blend of cricket, hemp, and upcycled sunflower protein, this powder has one of the lowest environmental footprints on the planet.


Mighty Cricket French Vanilla Protein Powder offers 10 servings per 1 pound bag. This powder blends easily with liquids for a smooth, creamy texture.

Ingredients: Mighty Cricket Protein Powder (Acheta domesticus), upcycled sunflower protein, hemp protein, natural flavorings, guar gum, monk fruit, salt.

Allergens: Not recommended for people with crustacean shellfish allergens. Processed in a facility containing coconut.

What is upcycled sunflower protein? When sunflower oil gets manufactured, the leftover solids form a hard cake. This leftover cake, although nutrient dense, often goes to waste. Using an innovative process to transform these cakes into a fine powder, we are able to divert this nutritious food from landfills.

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