Iron-Rich Overnight Oats Recipe


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Ready In:

~ Prep 10 min, +6hr wait

Great For:


Ingredients & Directions:

Base Ingredients:

Suggested Toppings:

1/2 cup banana slices, berries, and/or dried fruit

1-2 tbsp pumpkin seeds, nuts, any nut/seed butter and/or coconut flakes

1-2 tsp Morninga leaf powder


1. Place oatmeal and chia seeds in a glass container and cover with milk. Mix well, cover, and place in fridge overnight. Glass bowls or jars with lids work well because they can go straight into the microwave (lid removed).

2. After at least 6 hours have passed, the oats and chia seeds should have absorbed most of the milk. If it’s too thick, stir in additional milk. 

3. If you would like the pudding warm, heat on the stovetop for a few minutes or microwave 1 to 1 and 1/2 minutes.

4. Add fruit and desired toppings.

5. If it isn’t sweet enough, add a bit of honey, maple syrup, or jam.

Get Creative!  Experience your recipe your way:

  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract 
  • Honey, maple syrup, or jam 
  • Cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, and/or maca powder 


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